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Poster Session 04

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 04: "The Role of Soils in Sustaining 
Society and the Environment"
- Wednesday, 8th 


Nitrogen uptake and root activity: Evidence from a heavy-isotope labelling experiment in the Munessa Forest, Ethiopia
            Fritzsche F., Fischer H., Guggenberger G., Zech W.
Derivation and evaluvation DRIS nutrient norms for N, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, S, B, Zn, Cu, Fe and Mn in the petioles of Muscat grapes (Vitis vinefera. var. L.)
            Selvardjou, S.K., P.S. Senthil Kumar, S. Aruna Geetha, A. Rajarajan and P. Savithri
Changes in compatible solutes of some maize varieties grown in sandy soil and biofertilized with Rhodotorula glutinis under saline conditions
            Gomaa , A. M. and Gaballah , M. S.
Relationships between water repellency, grassland age and nutrient management
            Sonneveld, M.P.W.
32P Retention to Soil and Vegetation in Natural Wetland Filter Areas
            Väänänen R., Vuollekoski M., Ilvesniemi H.
Effect of organic amendment on the resistance and resilience of soils
            Wada S., Koki T.
Fate of Carbon and Nitrogen from Plant Residues Decomposition in a Calcareous Soil
Nourbakhsh F.
Nitrogen Compartimentalization in a Silvopasture System in the South of Brazil
Calil, F.N., Schumacher, M.V., Witschoreck, R.
Large Scale Soil Nitrogen Indicators
            De Jong, R. and Yang, J.Y.
Investigations of the processes leading to nitrate enrichment in a sandstone aquifer in the Kalahari region of Serowe/Orapa, Botswana
            Schwiede M., Boettcher J., Duijnisveld W.H.M.
Effect of changed atmospheric inputs on N-cycle in a Norway spruce forest
            Feng Z., Lamersdorf L., Brumme R.
The Role of the Soil in the Protection of Groundwater
            Kele, G.S., Búzásné H.M., Karkalik A.
Carbon Fixation in Different Ages Eucalyptus spp. Forests in Small Rural Properties in the South of Brazil
            Schumacher, M.V., Witschoreck,R., Calil, F.N.
CO2, N2O and CH4 emissions from submerged soil
            Weiguo, C., Yagi, K.
Some properties of aquatic humic substances from underground water of Opole region
            Pisarek I., Glowacki M.
Effect of irrigation with secondary treated wastwater on soil  properties nutrient and heavy meta content and soil contamination
            EL Lateef, E.M.A., Jeremy E Hall, Peter C Lawrence, Mohamed S. Negm
Effect of Increasing Phosphate Rock Doses and Acid Loads on Trace Metal Concentrations in the Soil Solution
            Csillag J., Lukacs A., Osztoics E., Csatho P., Baczo Gy.
Dynamic Batchtest to Evaluate Heavy Metal Leaching from Substrates of Anthropogenic Soils
            Makowsky, L., Meuser, H., Tapernon, S.
Determination of heavy metal´s characteristics in soils
            Bellver R., Fernandez J., Aguilar J., Dorronsoro C., Valderrama M.
Zinc release at an anoxic flotation dump
            Schuwirth N., Hofmann, T.
Influence of heavy metal  pollution on soil-plant regime
            Menon, M., Abbaspour, K., Schulin, R., Oswald, S.E.
Heavy Metal Contents In Plant Species From Mining Silt Ponds In Cartagena-La Union Mining Distric (Se Spain)
            Conesa H. M., Jiménez F. J., Faz A., García G.
Metal contents of laurel forest soils and biomass (Canary I., Spain)
            Mora J.L., Arbelo C.D., Rodriguez-Rodriguez A., Armas C.M., Guerra J.A., Notario J.S.
Assessment of Uranium levels in rice and soils from the Ebro Delta (NE, Spain)
            A. López-Pancorbo, J. Bech, R. Fernández-Sánchez and F.J. Tobías
The Function of Soils in Artificial and Natural Substrata as Sinks and Sources for Mining Related Matter in the Postmining Landscape of Eastern Thuringia (WISMUT)
            Völkel J., Raab T., Beckers N.
Influence of Historical Iron Works on the Chemical, Physical and Mineralogical Properties of Colluvial and Alluvial Soils near Amberg (East Bavaria, Germany)
            Beckmann S., Raab T., Völkel J.
Heavy Metal Storage in Alluvial Soils of the Vils River (East Bavaria, Germany) caused by Historical Lead Mining Activities and their Mobilisation Potential
            Hürkamp K., Raab T., Völkel J.
Ecological standardization of soil conditions in environs of ore mining and processing enterprise «Kostomukshsky».
            Kudriashov S., Yakovlev A., Terekhova V.
Seasonal and spatial variability in heavy metal contents in soil and water in a coastal salt marsh (Marina del Carmolí) of SE Spain
            Jiménez, F.J., Álvarez-Rogel, J., Delgado, M.J., Ortiz, R.
Comparison of heavy metal levels in the soils of Torino (Italy) and its surrounding agricultural area
            Martini C., Biasioli M., Barberis R., Ajmone-Marsan F.
Investigation of Heavy Metal Contents in Alluvial Soils in the Novaþ- and Vaser Valley (near Baia Borsa / Maramures, Romania), Three Years after the Bursting of the Tailing Pond.
            Lange, F.-M., Biernath, C., Marohn, C., Gaiser, Th.
The selection and characterization of reference soils (Project: ERNTE)
            Jessen-Hesse V., Jänsch S.,Römbke J., Terytze K.
Some Toxic Substances in Surface Soil in Novi Sad Area
            Škrbic B., Cvejanov J., Djurišic-Mladenovic N.
Statistical Modelling of the Partitioning of Nonylphenol in the Soil/Soil-Solution System
            Krahe S., Düring R.-A., Huisman J. A., Horn A. L.
Ab initio Calculations of solid state NMR Chemical Shifts of the Herbicide Methabenzthiazuron its metabolites and adducts with humic acid
            Koglin, E., Witte E.G., Meier R.J. Narres H.D.
Enantioselective Degradation of Fungicides in Soils: Correlations between Chiral Preference and Soil Parameters
            Buerge, I.J., Poiger T., Müller M. D., Buser H. R.
Examination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in contaminated soil
            Berger W., Eckardt J., Kalbe U., Grabner A.
Characterisation of physical and chemical site conditions favouring bacterial wood decay
            Kretschmar, E., Lamersdorf N.
Transport of microorganisms and particles in unsaturated undisturbed soil
            Michels A., Gäth S.
Sorption behaviour of 14C-Sulfadiazine in different soils
            Wehrhan, A., R. Kasteel, J. Groeneweg, H. Vereecken
Use of Clean Technology in Sludge Treatment Under Sandy Soil Application
            Radwan, S.M.A., Abdel Karem H. and Attia M.
Genesis and classification of developed soils over marl in the Mediterranean area
            Sierra C., Sierra M., Martínez F.J., Cirre A.
Pedogenic evolution of gypsiric karst in Archidona (Málaga, Spain).
            Saura I., Cirre A., Roca A., Sierra M.
Influencing on Anthropogenic Factors on Dynamics of Properties Representative Chernozem Central Foothills Caucas
            Makiev A.D.
Ecological characteristics of the sand ridge between the two rivers, the Danube and the Tisza
            Cserni I., Buzás I.
Analysis of ecosystems sensitivity to acidification at a global scale based on the Critical Loads of Actual Acidity and Sulphate Sorption Capacity of soils
            Rodríguez-Lado L., Macías F.
Land degradation and desertification in Moldova
            L. Fedotova
Influence of erosion and slash-and-burn practice on soil organic matter content and composition in tropical climate
            Alexis M., Arous A., Rumpel C., Brodowski S., Huon S., Rasse D.P., Girardin C., Valentin C.,Mariotti A.
Anthropogeomorphological studies on a ravine system in the south-eastern
            Krabisch, N., Strunk, H.
Soil Degradation Processes in Moldova and Ways of their Prevention
            Andriuca V., Ungurean V.
Soil properties in urban ecosystems (case study: Jerusalem-Tel Aviv)
            Zhevelev H., Kutiel P.
The AgroSiTo model testing on the soil data for North Europe
            Mirschel W., Chatskikh D., Kuzmin A., Poluektov R., Wenkel K.-O.
World Soil Day Celebrations in Italy in 2003
            Dazzi C.
Initiatives to Soil Awareness and Conciousness - Projects and Publications by the Federal Environmental Agency
            Huck, S.
The Status of Soil Science at Agricultural Vocational Schools in Lower Saxony
            Mueller K., Heitlage U.
The position and Importance of Soil Science in Higher Education of Iran
            M. Ajorlo
Soil Science meets School
Dell'Abate M. T., Vianello G.

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