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Poster Session 03

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 03: "Soil Use and Management" - Wednesday, 8th


Assessment of the chemical status of waste bank substrata from ore mining
            Sokolovska, M.,J.Bech,L.Petrova,A.Lansac
SIMOQS: a New Tool for Soil Quality Monitoring
            Tótola M. R., Chaer, G. M., Di Iorio V., Neves, J. C. L., Barros, N. F.
Tehnogenic contamination of ground and soils of St. Petersburg
            Gorky A.
Heavy Metal Reference Limit Values Proposal Obtained from Natural Soils from the Region of Galicia, Spain
            Caridad Cancela R.,  Paz-Gonzalez A., Abreu C.A
HGT in New Zealand Soils - Application of a model system to aid environmental impact analyses
Intensification of Rice Production Systems affecting Methane Emissions: Regional Case Studies on the Impact of the 'Green Revolution'
Wassmann R.
Effect of surface coverage and residence time on the desorption of arsenate from metal oxides by phosphate
            Pigna M., Ricciardella M., Violante A.
A field study of dredged material’s deposit’s sites
            Capilla X., Bedell J.-P., Schwartz C., Perrodin Y., Morel J.-L.
Soil Background Values in Germany
            Böttcher, G., O. Düwel, K. Emmerich, D. Feldhaus, F. Glante, M. Hauenstein, K. Heidbrink, W. Martin, T. Nöltner, B. Raber, G. Rank, F. Rück,
            S. Schmidt, J. Schneider, R. Schultz-Sternberg, H. Siem, R. Steinert, J.Utermann
Development of Heavy Metal Contents in Soils According to Land Use and Management Systems - A Heavy Metal Balance Approach
            Reiher, W., Düring R.-A.,Gäth S.
Sorption behaviour of heavy metals and strontium on soils from long-term field experiments
            Lair, G.J., Gerzabek M.H.,Haberhauer G., Jakusch M.
Does stand composition affect water, nitrogen or carbon fluxes under experimental grasslands ?
            Kossmann, G., Aas, G. and E. Matzner
Optimization experiment on phytoremediation: Co-cropping of the hyperaccumulator Thlaspi caerulescens with Brassica juncea in comparison with a chelator-induced phytoextraktion
            Ingwersen, J, Bücherl, B., Streck, T.
ERNTE: Assessment of the water extractable toxic potential of soils using bioassays
            Eisentraeger A., Filzek P.
ERNTE - Recommendations for the routine use of ecotoxicological tests in soil quality assessment
            Römbke, J.
, Eisenträger, A., Grabert, E., Huettner, S., Hund-Rinke, K., Jänsch, S., Jander, J.P., Neumann-Hensel, H., Terytze, K.
Development of a miniaturized bacterial test kit with Arthrobacter globiformis (ERNTE)
            Neumann-Hensel H., Ahlf W.
Contamination levels of non-agricultural and industrial soils in the Vojvodina Province
            Vasin J., Sekulic P., Bogdanovic D., Pucarevic M.
The Effect of Mustard Gas on the Soil Microbiota and Fermentative Activity of Soil
            Medvedeva N., Polyak Y., Zharikov G.
Formed of methane in peat deposits profile
            Stepniewska Z., Szafranek A.
Mineralisation of a low chlorinated benzene in soils
            Brahushi, F., Dörfler, U., Schroll, R., Munch, J.C.
Distribution of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in the vicinity of the town Valašské Mezirící, Czech Republic
            Raclavská H., Plachá D., Matýsek D., Raclavský K.
A greenhouse study of willow stands (salix spp.) on contaminated sediment
            Bedell J.-P., Capilla X., Giry C., Ghidini M., Bastide T., Danjean M., Perrodin Y.
Steering the biodegradation of 14C-Benzo(a)pyrene in laboratory and lysimeter experiments
            Ruoß J., Schroll R., Munch J. C.
Land use and nutrient emissions in river systems
Mewes M.
Soil organic carbon inventory in soils from the Basque Country
            Camps Arbestain, M., O. del Hierro, M. Pinto
Effects of Slash Placement and Woody Residues on Nitrogen Leaching and Soil Properties – Lysimeter Study
            Gómez-Rey  M. X. , Madeira M.
Topsoil compaction of the lawn for sun bathing of a public baths
            Baumbach J., Burghardt W.
Active and passive measures to minimise soil erosion by water in a small saxon watershed
            Dörfel C., Schmidt J.
ISSNEW: An Information and Modelling System to Evaluate Non-Point Nutrient Entries into W
            Hecker J.-M., Arnd O., von Waldow H.
Monitoring catchment sources of faecal indicator organisms: the influence of soils on compliance with the EU Bathing Waters Directive
            McHugh M., Deeks L.
Functional biodiversity of soil microorganisms as a key paradigm  for  soil biological monitoring
            Gorlenko M.V
Comparison of EL-FAMEs and PL-FAMEs to characterize microbial community structure in soils affected by heavy metal pollution
            Hinojosa M.B., García-Ruíz R., Carreira J.A., Dick R.P.
Impact of soil type and land use intensity on arbucular mycorrhizal fungal communities in Central Europethe
            Oehl F., Sieverding E., Boller T., Wiemken A.
Farm-scale application of soil quality concept in land use planning: a case study from Hungary
            Hermann T., Tóth G., Makó A., Máté F. Sebestyén Á.
Development of Regional Land Information Systems in the Republic of Croatia
            Husnjak S., Bogunovic M.
The Influence of longtime Phytorecultivation on the biological Activity of loamy loess
            Chaykovska L.A., Smulska O.L., Zabaluyev V.A.
Soil Studies in Land Use Plannning at Municipality Level: a Methodological Contribution
            Orrù M., Vacca A.
Land Capability for Land Use Planning. An application in Central Italy
            Mecella G., Francaviglia R., Marchetti A., Riccioni F.
The Regional Soil Database of the Alsace: Description and Applications
            Van Dijk P.M, Sauter J., Auzet A.V., Koller R.
Management of Brownfield Sites
            Schneider J., Müller, U.
Variability of Qualitative Land Suitability Evaluation (Parametric Method) for Wheat in a Detailed Map Unit in Central Iran
            Salehi M. H., Khademi H., Givi J.
Effect of humat-containing fertilizers on radionuclides and heavy metals transfer to plants
            Pirogovskaya G.
The effect of sewage sludge fertilization on the content of heavy metals and concentration of organic carbon in Cambisol
            Pisarek I., Moliszewska E.
Remediation of Soils Contaminated by Sewage Sludge
            Valitova A., Bolysheva T., Kijapkin P.
Heavy Metals in Soils and Plants of Contaminated Slope Agrolandscapes
            Bolysheva T. N, Fless A. D.
The Influence of Soil Fertility Level on Cadmium Toxicity for Plants
            Morachevskaya E.V.
Copper in surface runoff water and organic pollutant compounds in soil as affected by urban biosolids application
            Domingues H., Martins J. C. , Serrão M. G., Pires F. P., Pedra F., Fernandes M. L.
Zinc enriched organic manures and zinc solubilizer application on the yield, curcumin content and nutrient status of soil in turmeric crop
            Geetha, A., P.S. Senthil Kumar, S. K. Selvaradjou, A. Rajarajan and P. Savithri
Trace Element Speciation in Farming Organic Wastes and Risk of Mobility in Soil
            Jaffrézic A., Cornu S., Racapé A., Petitjean P.
Accumulation and retention of heavy metals in soils from the vinegrowing regions
            Romic M., Romic D., Kraljickovic J.
The Effects of Repeated Applications of Sewage Sludge and MSW Compost on the Heavy Metal Accumulation in Greenhouse Soil and Tomato Plant
            Topcuoðlu, B.
Acidification process in a cultivated ultisol. Influence of dolomitic and gypsum applications
            González-Fernández P., Ordónez-Fernández R., Espejo-Serrano R., Peregrina-Alonso F.
Use of Titanium and REE as tracer for soil ingestion by animals
            Breuer, J., Fourmann, G; Schenkel, H.
The Effect of the Chelating Agent EDDS on Metal Uptake from Soil by Sunflowers
            Tandy S., Nowack B., Gupta S. and Schulin R.
Leaching of veterinary drugs under field conditions
            Höper, H., Schäfer W., Pawelzick T. H., Nau H., Hamscher G.
Transport of sulfonamides antibiotics after manure application on grassland
            Kahle M., Burkhardt M.,  Stoob K., Singer H., Stamm C.
Measurement uncertainty in analytical values for the soil body of an arable land target area
            Kurfürst, U., Rogasik J., Fleckenstein J.
Biodegradability of PLA/Starch Fibre Composite in an Agricultural Soil
            Iovino R., Nastasi M., Rao M.A., Iannace S.,Gianfreda L
Relevance of the microbial community in agricultural soils on the degradation behaviour of the herbicide isoproturon
            Kühn S., Schroll R., Munch J.C.
Factors controlling herbicide retention in a small agricultural catchment
            Leu C., Gomides Freitas L., Singer H., Popow G., Stamm C., Müller S.
A study of soil tillage effects on OM turnover and N losses with the FASSET model
            Chatskikh D., Olesen J.E., Hansen S., Berntsen J.
The interplay between soil physical and biological resilience for the functional monitoring of soil
            Kuan H. L., Hallett P. D., Griffiths B. S., Pitkin Y.,Watts C. W., Whitmore A.
The effect of straw management and autumn cultivation on the dynamics of 15N labelled nitrogen and carbon in soil
            Esala M., Palojärvi A., Kokkonen A.
Biological cycling of nutrients in soils receiving organic and mineral fertilisers
            Colvan S.R., O'Donnell A.G.
Impact of fertilization on fertility of Podzoluvisol and crop rotation productivity
            Lapa V., Bosak V., Smeyanovich A.
Rhizobacteria Effect on Oats Growth and K-nutrition
            Mikhailouskaya N., Luchenok L.
The long-therm effect of sewage sludge fertilization on the health condition of sugar beet seedlings and soil fungal phytopathogens
            Moliszewska E., Pisarek I.
Plants Growth Regulators in Soil Phytoremediation
            Voronina L. P.
The Soil and Plant Ecologic Fertilazation, a Very Important Link in The Sustenaible Viticulture in Stefanesti – Arges Vineyard
            Dumitriu I. C., Bejan C., Bubu G., Costescu A.
Vadose Zone Monitoring for Organic and Nitrogen Loading from Winery Stillage Application
            Goorahoo D., and Cassel S F.
Annual Ryegrass Yield As Affected By Sea Salmon Sludge Rates
Studies the Efficiency oof Using Biofertilizatio With Phosphhate Dissolving Bacteria in Solubilizing of P in Phosphatic Fertilization
            Selim M.M
Drought and its effect on growth of different soybean varieties grown in Egypt
            Hussein M.M
Influences of Combined Application of Organic and Inorganic Fertilization Rates With Biofertilizer on Potato Under Integrated Weed Managements
            Hassan, A.K., Fawzy,H and Radwan,S
Nitrogen Mineralization in Soils Under Organic Farming and Conservation Tillage as Compared to Conventional Management
            Cao B., Roelcke M., Dauck H. P., Cai G. X. and Nieder R.
Compared C- and N-Dynamics in Soil receiving 13C15N-labelled Rape and Rye Residues left as a Mulch or incorporated into the Soil.
            Recous S., Coppens F., Garnier P., Merckx R.
Effects of tillage systems on soil organic nitrogen mineralization under field conditions
            Laurent F., Oorts K., Nicolardot B., Thiébeau P.
Reduction of nitrate leaching from intensive arable agriculture by specific crop management
            Zwart, K.B., Smit, A.L. & Haan, J.J. de
Plant biomass nitrogen and effects on the risk of nitrate leaching of intercrops under organic farming in Eastern Austria
            Farthofer R., Friedel J. K., Pietsch G., Freyer B.
Within-field variation in the amount of soil mineral nitrogen in autumn as related to organic carbon and total nitrogen content in the topsoil
            Kayser M., Müller J., Isselstein J.
Soil reclamation with humus fertilizers on the base of N-modified brown coal
            Böcker L., Katzur J., Fischer K., Liebner F., Schiene R.
Changes in Amino Acid Enantiomers and Microbial Performance in Soils from a Subtropical Mountain Oasis in Oman Abandoned for Different Periods
            Wichern, F., Lobe, I., Amelung, W., Müller, T., Joergensen, R.G., Buerkert, A.
Analysis of soil organic matter fractions obtained by sequential extraction from soils of two long-term field experiments
            Ellerbrock R.H., Kaiser M.
Phosphorus Transformation and Sequestration after Slash and Burn on a Central European Loess Site
            Wermbter N., Herrmann L., Stein C., Kandeler E.
Phosphorus Accumulation and Mobility in the Soil Profile – Results from  Long Term Field studies in Sandy Soils on Glacial Sediments
            Schweitzer K., Bauriegel A.
Effects of hydroabsorbent used on extremely sandy soils on soil biological and biochemical characteristics
            Šarapatka B., Rak L., Bubeníková I. (presented by Jurik, P.)
Effects of tillage systems on soil physical properties and yield - a comparison between Eastern Hungary and North-West Germany
            Megyes A., Rátonyi T., Huzsvai L., Anlauf R., Schrader S., Fründ H.-C.
Polymers application  in Eroded and Contaminated Landscapes
            Fless N., Fless A., Bolysheva T., Verkhovtseva N., Mikheikin S.
Erosion processes, nutrient load and reduction of nonpoint source pollution in the Lubazhikha catchment, Russia
            Ollesch G., Sukhanovski Y.,Demidov V.,Kistner I., Demin D., Meissner R.
Soil erosion assessment in Slovakia
            Ilavska B.
Hydrostatic Soil Displacement Meter for Monitoring Soil Deformation
            Haberecht M., Ingensand H., Tobias S.
Influence of vineyard management on soil quality in some representative areas of Tuscany hills
            R. Papini, G.Valboa, C. Piovanelli, C. Gamba, G. Brandi
Characterization of Some Physical Indicators of Soil Quality in a Mediterranean area
            Benito M., Hontoria C., Moliner A., Masaguer A., Gallardo J.
Composing and Use of Cotton Gin Residues in the Culture of Lettuce
            Dimirkou A., Vavoulidou E., Paschalides Ch., Papadopoulos P.
Calibration of soil structure deterioration induced by sodicity with andic diagnostic parameters
Armas-Espinel S., Hernandez-Moreno J.M., Regalado C.
Cotton Response to Water Stress
            Zabihi H.R
Soil Erosion on Abandoned Fields in Mediterranean Landscapes - Monitoring of Processes and Development
            Ries J.B.
Factors Affecting Aquasorb Polyacrylamid Hydration in Soil
            Movahedi Naeini S.A.R., Taban M.
Non-destructive field soil structure analysis by electrical resistivity measurements
            Besson A., Cousin I., Boizard H., Richard G.
Effect of differentiation of soil bulk density due to different tillage systems on thermal soil properties 
D. Dec,R. Horn
Mapping of actual erosion in Switzerland
            Prasuhn V.
Green manuring on compacted field margins alters earthworm activity, root dynamics and crop growth under subsequently cultivated barley
            Zaller J. G., Köpke U.
Investigation of soil transport by tillage as a part of soil erosion. in  moraine landscape of  Germany
            Winnige B., Frielinghaus M., Bork H. R., Schkade U. K., Li Y.
Indication of erosion and compaction risk in North-East Germany
            Frielinghaus M., Seidel K.
Influence of Tillage System on Structural Properties of a Loamy Orthic Luvisol in a Humid Climate
            Weisskopf, P., Oberholzer H.R., Rek J., Anken T.
Pilot project to control soil erosion by good agricultural practice
            Thiermann, A., Schaefer, W.

Soil erosion control in farm advisory services in Baden-Württemberg
Unterseher E.

Effects of farming systems and precrops on aggregate stability and microbial biomass in the DOK long-term field trial in Therwil, Switzerland
            Hildermann, I., Fließbach, A.
Strategy of microbic community formation in soil depending on an agricultural culture in crop rotation
            Pashkevich E. B., Kuzmina N. V., Verkhovtseva N. V.
Vermicompost as ecological alternative to improve soil microbial stable development
            Kubarev E., Verkhovtseva N., Kuzmina N., Matveeva A.
Cultivation practices and soil suppression of the root rot complex. The role of soil microbial communities.
            Manici L.M., Caputo F.
Response of enzyme activities and respiration rate to some agricultural practices
            Aizpurua, A.; Castellón, A.; Blanco, F.; Lacalle, A.; Garbisu, C.Aizpurua, A.; Castellón, A.; Blanco, F.; Lacalle, A.; Garbisu, C.
The impact of transgenic Bt corn on non-target arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
            Turrini A., Sbrana C., Nuti M., Pietrangeli B., Giovannetti M.
Isolation and molecular characterization of two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal species from Italian agricultural soils
            Strani P., Pellegrini E., Sbrana C., Giovannetti M.
Soil amelioration by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: glomalin production by geographically different isolates of two Glomus species
            Bedini S., Avio L., Pellegrino E., Argese E., Giovannetti M.
Tillage effects on the establishment of mycorrhizal infection in Trifolium alexandrinum
            Pellegrini E., Sbrana C., Avio L., Mazzoncini M., Giovannetti M.
Effect of organic fertilizers on genetic and functional diversity of soil micro-organisms
            Calbrix R., Laval K., Barray S.
Impacts of meadows restoration on telluric microbial diversity
            Akpa-Vinceslas M., Gangneux C., Pawlak B, Calbrix R.,  Barray S. and   Laval K
Influence of green manure and compost on the capacity of soils to suppress soil-borne diseases
            Brüngger M., Fuchs M., Gobat J.-M.
Soil Quality in Organic Farming – Effects of Crop Rotation, Animal Manure and Soil Compaction
            Schjønning, P., Munkholm, L.J. and Elmholt, S.
Degradation of Cornish calcified seaweed (maerl) in soil, and effects on soil fertility
            Parkinson, R. J., Hall-Spencer, J., Burchett, S., Young, H.
The Drought Effect on Crop Yield by Simulation model in Central European Regions
            Stastna M.,Eitzinger J.
Vermicomposts and Soil Organic Matter Stability
            Kuzmina N., Verkhovtseva N., Nikiforova O., Kapranov E.
Antropical changes for the Citrus cultivation
Fertility decline in an anthropogenic soil subjected since many years to intensive viticulture
            Badalucco L., Palazzolo E., Panno M., Bazan E.
Chemical and microbial responses after amendment with compost from residual biomass of citrus fruits industry in three contrasting soils located in Southern Italy
            Gelsomino A., Calabrò A. C., Manti V., Vecchio G., Cacco G.
Improved Mapping of Crop Yield and Soil Properties with the Help of Geostatistical Techniques: 1. Kriging
            Dahiya I.S., Anlauf R., Schoen H.-G.
Improved Mapping of Crop Yield and Soil Properties with the Help of Geostatistical Techniques: 2. Cokriging
            Anlauf R., Dahiya I.S., Schoen H.-G.
Use of very high resolution satellite imagery in Lombardy (Northern Italy) to update soil use maps and to estimate environmental parameters related with agricultural production
            Fasolini D., Colombo R., Brenna S.
Composting and use of cotton gin residues in the culture of lettuce
            Dimirkou A.,Vavoulidou E.Pascalidis Ch. and P.Papadopoulos
Activity of Enzymes Related to Carbon Cycling During Decomposition of Coconut Husk
            Fernandes, M.F., Dick, R. P.
Comparative Study of the Fitness of Various Limestone and Gypsum Byproducts for Amending Al Toxicity in a Plinthic Palexerult
            Espejo Serrano R., Peregrina Alonso F., Santano Arias J., Mariscal Sancho I.
Use of Converter Dolomitic Waste (CDW) as a Source of Magnesium for Gypsum-Amended Acid Soils. Application to a Plinthic Palexerult from Western Spain
            Peregrina Alonso F., Espejo Serrano  R., Santano Arias J., González Fernández P., Ordóñez Fernández R.
Distribution of the heavy metals and soil organic matter in the soil fractions after biosolids application to forest soils
            Toribio, M.; Romanyà, J.
Two years trials on effects of Zn and Pb contamination on three forest species suitable for urban areas
            Mastrecchia G., Bretzel F.
Monitoring forest ecosystem soils in the oilfield area of Central Croatia
            Pernar N, Bakšic D, Špiric Z, Grubešic M.
Seepage water chemistry after femel and small scale clear-cutting in a N-saturated Norway spruce stand
            Huber, C., Baumgarten M., Göttlein, A. Weis, W.
Influence of Pig Slurry Fertilization on Some Biological Properties of a Degraded Soil
            Hernández, D., Fernández, J.M., del Río, R., Fritis, H.M., Polo, A.
Effect of green manure on soil nitrogen availability and crop productivity in Mediterranean organic farming system
            Mazzoncini M., Barberi P., Cerrai D., Rinaudo V., Belloni P.
Impact of Compost Applications in acidified and N-Saturated Forests
            Horvàth, B., Lamersdorf, N., Raben, G., and Borken, W.
Impact of different Forest Management Practices on Soil Carbon Dynamics in a Boreal Forest Ecosystem of Eastern Canada
            Scheuner, E.T., Büttner U., Makeschin F., Wells E.D.
Spatial Analysis of Groundwater Regime in Lowland Forest Areas in Croatia using GRASS GIS
            Pilas I., Vrbek B.
Biomass and Fine Roots Lenght in Pinus taeda I. in the South of Brazil
            Witschoreck, R., Schumacher, M.V., Pissinin, L, Calil, F.N.
Soil Quality Indicators in Mediterranean Afforested Area
            Di Bartolomeo E., Pompili L., Benedett A.
Amelioration of acidified urban forest soils by liming – evaluation of effects on soil chemistry, soil biology and vegetation
            Meuser H., Fründ H.-C., Graefe U.
Forested peat bogs and balance of natural organic matter – actual questions of use and management in the Ore Mountains (Germany / Czech Republic)
            Scheithauer J., Grunewald K.
Forest soil sustainability research carried out by Forest Research in the UK
            Vanguelova, E. I., Moffat, A. J., Pitman, R. and Harrison, A.

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