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Poster Session 02 - Soil Mineralogy

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 02d: "Soil Properties and Processes" - Wednesday, 8th

Soil Mineralogy


The remeide of degradate soil by using zeolitic tuff
            Burtica, G., Negrea A., Likarek M., Rãdulescu H.
Pedogenesis on red/reddish substrate in boreal forests of European Russia predetermined by mineral composition of parent substrate
            Lessovaia S.
Influence of clay mineralogy and soil chemistry on organic matter quantity in soils of Southern Switzerland
            Nözli M., Egli M., Kahr G., Schmidt M.W.I.
The effects of clay mineral interactions on the persistence of water repellency in model soil material (silica sand treated with stearic acid)
            Dlapa P., Lichner L., Doerr S. H., Mataix-Solera J.
Mineral-associated and occluded particular organic matter in water-stable aggregates of silty soils under different land use
            Helfrich, M., Yamashita, T., John, B., Ludwig, B., Flessa, H.
Soil minerology effect on runoff and soil erosion
            Ben-Hur M., Wakindiki I.I.C., Lado M., Shainberg I.
Occurrence and Stability of Polymeric Silica in Acidic Soil Solutions : Experimental and Field Study
            Dietzel M., Gérard, F., Nestroy, O., Jaffrain J., Möller, A., Boudot, J.-P.
Poorly crystalline minerals effect turnover and chemical composition of soil organic matter
            Mikutta R.,Kleber M., Knicker H., Torn M., Jahn R.
Transport and Distribution of Exogenous Hydrocarbons in Soils with Different Composition and Texture at Various Humidity  
Irina P. Breus, Elena V. Efstifeeva, Sergey A. Neckludov, Vladimir A. Breus
Weathering patterns in acid leached soils developed on Pleistocene loess of Central Belgium: contribution of isoquartz assessment and Sr-isotope methods
Drouet Th., Herbauts J., Gruber W., El Bayad J., Demaiffe D.
Catalitic Role of Birnessite in Solid/Solid and Solid/Liquid Pollutant Mixtures
            Pizzigallo M.D.R., Napola A., Rao M.A., Russo F., Spagnuolo M.
VNIR spectra of organomineral complexes that belong to the system of polyphenol/aluminum hydroxide
Franke M.
Chemistry of iron in urban soils with regard to their physico-chemical properties
            Dabkowska-Naskrêt H.
The Effect of Bark-Zeolites Fertilizers on Mobile Humus Substances of Chernozem and on Biological Productivity of Corn
            Chuprova V.V., Ul’yanova O.A., Kulebakin V.G.
Heavy metals in Oak forest Ecosystem in Croatia
            Vrbek B., Pilaš I.
Texture measurement of clay minerals as a tool for the quantification
            Rüping, K.B., Dohrmann, R., Jahn, R., Kleber, M.
Saline Soil Restoration by Modified Armenian Clinoptilolite
            Grigorian A. A., Arustamova L. G., Gaibakian D. S.,Papinian V. A.
In situ observation of transport in microporous feldspars using FTIR microscopy – implications for weathering
            Simonyan, A., Behrens H., Dultz S.
Potassium dynamics in ley production systems as related to farming system and soil mineralogy- a case study at three agricultural sites in S. Sweden
            Andrist-Rangel, Y., Hillier, S., Edwards, A.C.,Öborn, I.
New Formation of Zeolite in a Volcanic Pumice of Hegau, SW Germany
            Zarei, M. and Stahr, K.

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