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Poster Session 02 - Soil Biology

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 02c: "Soil Properties and Processes" - Wednesday, 8th 

Soil Biology


Determining rate of litter decomposition of Alnus subcordata in Asalem and Vaz regions by C/N index under laboratory conditions
            Azizi P., Hosseini S. M.
Dynamics of soil respiration along an elevation gradient in a montane tropical undisturbed forest of South Ecuador
            Meusel S., Abiy M., Moser G., Makeschin F.
Response of Saprophytic Microfungi to Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration, Different Fertilization Intensities and Different plant species cover
           Strnadová V., Hršelová H., Gryndler M.
Hydrogen oxidation in an anaerobic soil slurry amended with glucose: effects of microbial activities and soil geochemical processes
            Dassonville, F., Renault P., Jumas J.C., Richaume A.
Impacts of invasive exotic plant species on soil properties in Belgium
            Dassonville N., Vanderhoeven S., Meerts P.
Soil attached to roots and clod microstructure in a poor structured soil
            De León, F., Celada E., Hidalgo C., Etchevers J., Castorena C., Flores A.
Kinetic Parameters of L-glutaminase in a Calcareous Soil Treated with Cow Manure, Sewage Sludge and Chemical Fertilizer
            Hojjati S., Nourbakhsh F.
Interactions of Proteins with Catechol Polymers: The Case of Prion Proteins
            Rao M.A, Russo F., Nocerino G., and Gianfreda L.
Indirect N2O emissions from an artificially drained soil after application of 15N-labeled fertilizer
            Van Groenigen J.W., Kuikman P.J., Zwart K.B., Velthof, G.L.
Legume rhizospheres: A peep into their functional aspect
            Sharma S., Aneja M., Schloter M.
Lignin transformation in soils of different ecosystems
            Kovaleva N.O., Kovalev I.V.
Development of Oil Industry and Soil Pollution in West Siberia
            Babenko A.S.
Climate and litter quality effects on decomposer activity in Swiss forest ecosystems
            Frey B., Heim A.
Mineralization and Transformation of catechol after a long-term incubation in soil
            Ji R., Schäffer A.
Changes in microbial structure communities and carbon and nitrogen turnover during the decomposition of plant residues with genetic modifications to lignin synthesis
            Hénault C., Hopkins D.W., English L., Halpin C., Bizouard F.
Soil microbiological properties of an acid brown earth under pine forest after partial thinning for stand regeneration
            Maassen S., Wirth S.
Effects of heavy-metal contaminated sewage sludge on soil biological and physical resilience
            Griffiths B. S., Hallett P. D., Kuan H. L., Pitkin Y., Aitken M. N.
Symbiotic relationship of Alnus glutinosa with mycorrhizal fungi and with Frankia in relation to the soil properties
            Orfanoudakis M, Papaioannou A, Barbas V.
In situ greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 and N2O) from long-term no-till and conventional systems
            Nicolardot B., Oorts K., Richard G., Boizard H., Merckx R., Gréhan E., Labreuche J., Herre C., Millon F., Thiébeau P.
Ranges of enzyme activities and variation in activity pattern in different soils
            Niemi, R. M.
Effects of modified earthworm species and life-form composition (Lumbricidae) on soil properties, and soil microbial biomass and activity in the drilosphere
            Göhler, H., Schwarting, A., Emmerling, C.
Role of Microorganisms In The Adsorption Of Zn And Pb Compounds By Goethite
            Perelomov L.V., Kandeler E.
Lignin turnover in soil as measured by 13C natural abundance
            Bahri H., Dignac M.-F., Rumpel C., Rasse D.P., Bardoux G., Chenu C., Mariotti A.
Interactions Between Soil Organisms and Fungal Mycelia
            Düker, C. W., Ofori, P., Wöllecke, J., Hüttl, R. F.
A simple and rapid method for labelling earthworms with 15N and 13C
            Dyckmans J., Schmidt O.
Interactions between Soil Microarthropods, Soil Chemical Parameters and Soil Microbial Biomass in a Long-term Fertilization Experiment
            Kautz, T., Ellmer, F.
Decomposition of corn residues at different stages of initial microbial colonization
            Potthoff M., Dyckmans J., Flessa H., Beese F., Joergensen R. G.
Sludge Sanitisation: Helminth Eggs Destruction by Lime Treatment Ascaris Eggs as Model
            Verfürden M., Givelet M., Rémy M., de Lespinay Y.
3D morphological characteristics of natural earthworm burrows under different agricultural practices and influence on water transfers
            Pérès G., Lamandé M., Cluzeau D., Hallaire V., Delerue J.F.
Microbiological Indicators and Their Temporal Variation in Selected Soils
            Machulla, B., Barth, N.
Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration on Root Exudation and Microbial Diversity in the Rhizosphere of Barley and Bean
            Krumrei, S., (Haase S.), Neumann G., Römheld V., Kandeler E.
Incorporation of pesticide 2,4-D into soil microbial biomass : identification of molecular biomarkers by 13C labelling technique
            Lerch T., Dignac M.-F., Charnay M.-P., Barriuso E.
Seasonal variations of microbial activity in forest Andosols (Canary Islands, Spain)
            Armas C.M., Arbelo C.D., Mora J.L., Rodriguez Rodriguez A., Notario, J.S., Guerra, J.A.
Separation of root and microbial respiration: Comparison of three methods
            Sapronov D.V., Kuzyakov Y.V.
The use of ATP as specific indicator for fungal biomass in soils and the potential of ATP as indicator for biotoxicity
            Campos A., Joergensen R. G., Raubuch M.
Estimation of root and rhizomicrobial respiration by delta13C natural abundance
            Werth M., Kuzyakov Y.
Biological activity of urban soil degraded by building materials
Nitrous oxide reduction and dehydrogenase activity in Cambisols under flooding conditions
            Wlodarczyk T. Brzeziñska M. Kotowska U. Gliñski J.
Different Sources of Heavy Metals and their Long-Term Effects on Microbial C; N and P Relationships in Soil
            Khan S., Chander K., Joergensen R.G.
Temperature control of organic matter decomposition in soils depending on soil type, land use and water content
            Lopes de Gerenyu, V.O., Kurganova I.N., Rozanova L.N.
Influence of crop residues quality on their decomposition
            Bertrand, I., Recous S., Chabbert B., Kurek B.
Real-time PCR to investigate telluric fungi
            Gangneux C., Marques E., Plassart P., Laval K.
Changes of microbial community structure and function in response to reduced/increased levels of bioavailable heavy metals in soil
            Suhadolc M., Schroll R., Gattinger A., Schloter M., Munch J.C., Lestan D.
Design and Evaluation of Nematode 18S rDNA primers for PCR and Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) of Soil Community DNA
            Waite, I.S., Colvan, S.R., O’Donnell, A.G.
Bacterial diversity in archived agricultural soils
            Dolfing J., Vos A., Kuikman, P. J.
A fast and sensitive method to determine the fungal biomass in the agricultural soils
            Legras M., Akpa-Vinceslas M.
Ecotoxicological and Mycobiotic Investigations on the Soils Forming on Phosphogypsum
            Terekhova V., Yatsunenko T., Dolbnyova E.
Effect of soil management on the mesofaune abundance of a brazilian oxisol
            Vidal Vázquez E., Alves M. C.
Studying Magnesium-Transport across and via mycorrhiza of Norway Spruce roots
            Kuhn A. J., Jentschke G., Stettien A., Brandes B., Godbold D. L., Schröder W. H.
The effect of Chalara longipes (Preuss) Cooke on decomposition of humic acids from spruce needle litter
            Koukol O., Novak F., Vosatka M.
Multivariate Analysis of Microbial Data Characterizing Soil Organic Matter Accumulation and Mineralization in Arable Soils and Grasslands
            Malý S., Provazník K., Kunt O., Èižmárová E., Urbánková E.
Pedogenesis and Soil Microbial Community on Colliery Spoils Heaps
            Elhottová D., Zbíral J., Malý S., Frouz J., Krištùfek V., Chroòáková A., Kalèík J., Picek T., Pùža V.
The transformation of energy in different vegetable communications
            Samedov P.A.
Microbial Processes and Strawberry Production in Pesticide Fumigated Agricultural Soils
            Klose S., Husein A. A.
Functional and structural diversity of bacterial populations associated with genetically modified and conventional potato lines
            Rasche F., Kandeler E., Gerzabek M., Sessitsch A.
Spatial patterns of the intra-habitat dispersion of soil testate amoebae (Protozoa, Testacea)
            Rakhleeva A.A., Striganova B.R.
Bacterial Cell Movement and its Implimentations inHeavy Metals Transport Acceleration in Saturated Soil Columns
            Guiné V., Martins J., GAudet JP
A modified Tullgren apparatus for isolation of soil inhabited animals in agroecosystems
            Lee S.-B., Lim D.-K., Kwon  S.-I., Koh M.-H.
Relationship of Soil Respiration to Microbial Biomass and Substrate Availability in a Degraded Agricultural Soil Amended with Municipal Waste Compost
            J.C. García-Gil J.C., Río González R.d., Kobza J., Plaza C., Polo A.
Acquired metal tolerance of a soil microbial community used as an early warning for In Situ stress in a terrestrial ecosystem
            Almas, A.R., Bakken L.R., Mulder J.
Influence addition of organic-mineral preparations on CO2 emission from soil
            Ksiezopolska A., Wlodarczyk T.
Polyphasic approach for the analysis of soil fungal communities
            Oros-Sichler M., König M., Smalla K.
Characterisation of Bacterial Community in Suppressive Soils
            Adesina M., Lembke A., Smalla K.
Decomposition of litter in Pinus sylvestris and Pinus strobus forests in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park
            Kulhánková A.
Microbial diversity in leather meal fertilized soil
            Mocali S., Benedetti A
Role of macrobenthos in rearing pond bottom
Haddadi Moghaddam K.

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