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Poster Session 02 - Soil Chemistry

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 02b: "Soil Properties and Processes" - Wednesday, 8th 

Soil Chemistry


Effect of One Year Old Gmelina aborea (Roxb) on the Physico-chemical properties of an Oxic Tropudalf in South Western Nigeria
            Aderionla, AP, Olaleye A.O., & Iji, M.E
Study on nutrient dynamics in soils amended with different organic manures
Effect of sources of Zn and organic matter on the changes
            Maiti D., Das D. K., Karak T.
Effect of sources of Zn and gypsum on the changes in reaction kinetics of salt affected soil
            Das D. K., Karak T., Maiti D.
Changes in different fraction of Nickel in soil as affected by the application of Sewage-sludge under different periods of incubation
            Banerjee M., Maiti D.
Soil adsorption properties in some forest communities in eastern Croatia
            Bakšic D., Pernar N., Barièevic D.
Monitoring and Quantifiying the Influence of Flooding, Soil Moisture, Dissolved Organic Carbon, pH, Soil Temperature, Soil Redox and Matrix Potential on the Mobility and Dynamics of Cd, Zn, Cu, Cr, Ni, Pb and As in Alluvial Soils
            Rinklebe, J., Böhme F., Knappe S., Staerk H.-J., Neue H.-U.
Impact of the compst of urbain wasts on the organic matter of the soil
15N Natural Abundances of Different N Pools in Alpine Ecosystems of the Northern Caucasus: Relation with Non-isotopic N Transformation Results
            Makarov M.I., Malysheva T.I., Glaser B., Zech W.
Soil characteristics play a key role in modeling nutrient competition in plant communities
Raynaud X., Leadley P. W.
Adsorption properties of soil surfaces to organic substances
M. Novoszad, M. H. Gerzabek, H. Lischka, G. Haberhauer, M. Jakusch
Characterization of Soil Organic Carbon by DRIFT-Spectroscopy
            Zimmermann M., Leifeld J., Schmidt M. W. I., Fuhrer J.
Improved preparation method of soil black carbon using molecular markers
            Hammes K., Kaegi B., Schmidt M.W.I.
Effect of phosphate on release of humic substances from mucks at different stage of secondary transformation
            Matyka-Sarzyñska D., Sokolowska Z.
Changes of surface soil characteristics of an Inceptisol under 40 year conifer plantation
            Alirfagis D., Papaioannou A, Orfanoudakis M.
Release and Properties of Dissolved Organic Matter Related to Soil Organic Matter Quality
            Michel K., Matzner E., Dignac M.-F., Kögel-Knabner I.
Influence Of N Supply And Grass Age On C Inputs To Soil Organic Matter From Fine Root Turnover In Improved Grasslands
            Vaisanen, R.K., Dawson, L.A., Smith, J.U.
Humus composition as a soil quality indicator
            Mladkova L, Rohoskova M., Boruvka L.
Mineralization of Miscanthus derived carbon in a loamy and a sandy soil estimated by delta13C of CO2 efflux
            Schneckenberger, K., Kuzyakov, Y., Stahr, K.
Coupled ICP-AES-SEC study of Pb and Zn complexation in long-term contaminated soils
            Mühlbachova G., Contin M., De Nobili M.
Distribution of 15N in different soil organic matter pools of organically and conventionally managed soils after addition of 15N-labelled organic and mineral fertilisers
            Bosshard C., Manolov I., Frossard E., Dubois D., Mäder P., Oberson A.
Plant-available phosphorus for maize and legumes in P-deficient soils – Comparison of E- and L-values
            Pypers P., Van Loon L., Smolders E., Diels J. and Merckx R.
Seasonal Dynamics of Dissolved Organic Matter Release from Organic Moorland Soils
            Stutter, M., Lumsdon, D., Cooper, R.
International Comparison of Analytical Methods of Determining the Soil Organic Matter Content of Lithuanian Eutric Albeluvisols
            Slepetiene, A., Jankauskas B., Jankauskiene G., Fullen M.A., Booth C.A.
Evaluation of immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) for isolation and characterization of copper-complexing ligands from soil solution
            I. Paunovic, B. Nowack, R. Schulin
Phosphorus dynamics under stress conditions: a comparison between Lupinus albus and Triticum aestivum
            Le Bayon R.C, Weisskopf L., Matera V., Martinoia E., Adatte T., Föllmi K., Gobat J.-M.
Soil water investigations based on laboratory tests
            Kalbe U., Berger W., Eckardt J., Christoph G., Walzel H.-P.
Relative Contributions of Carbohydrates and Proteins to Metal Mobilisation in an Anaerobic Soil Slurry Amended with Rum Vinasse
            Pautremat N., Renault P., Cazevieille P., Marlet S.
Sorption, desorption and immobilization of Pb, Cd and Zn by artificial soil
            Usman A., Kuzyakov Y., and Stahr K.
Change in the organic carbon content and storage in the alkali soil
            Œwiercz A.
Rhizoexudates in the DOM-dynamic within the Rhizosphere
            Marx M., Zsolnay Á., Munch J. C.
Factors controlling the ditribution of Alpine Humus Forms (Venetian Alps, Italy)
            Sartori G., Obber S., Garlato A., Vinci I., Pocaterra F.
Assessment of expression of andic soil properties under forest and agricultural use in soils from Galicia (NW Spain)
            Verde J.R., Camps Arbestain, M., Macías, F.
Spatial variation of soluble elements and physicochemical properties in a burned area
            Notario J., Rodriguez A., Arbelo C. D., Arteaga I. J., Armas C. M.; Guerra J. A., Mora J. L.
Soil Black Carbon Levels and Soil Organic Matter Quality Under Interval Prescribed Burning in the Southeastern United States
            DiCosty, R.J., Kelley, S.S., Rials, T.G., Stanturf, J.A.
Main Anthropogenesis Models Of Island Monasteries In Russian Taiga Forest Zone
            Matinian, N., Urusevskaya, I.
Nutrient dynamics in Andosols under Canarian Laurel Forest
            Mora J.L., Arbelo C.D., Armas C.M., Notario J.S., Guerra J.A., Rodriguez Rodriguez A.
Batch and Soil Column Flow Methods for the Imazaquin Sorption Determination in Tropical Soils
            Barizon R.R.M, Lavorenti A., Regitano J.B., Tornisielo V.L., Prata F., Wais A.
Using UV spectrometry to assess the effect of the tree species on the DOC properties
            Jaffrain J., Gérard F., Ranger J., Meyer M.
Direct measurement of Zn and Cu mobilization in soil columns
            Zhao L, Schulin R and Nowack B
Phosphorus changes in inundated peat soils of the Lêczyñsko-Wlodawskie Lake District
            Stêpniewska Z., Ostrowska A., Kotowska U.
Soil Response to Air Pollution in Forest Ecosystems of Subarctic Russia
            Koptsik G.N., Groenenberg J.E., Koptsik S.V., Lukina N.V., Nikonov V.V.
Soil Variable Charge and Its Changes Under Acid and Alkali Treatment
            Jozefaciuk G.
Effect of forest tree species on rhizospheric soil
            Turpault M.-P., Calvaruso C., Leclerc-Cessac E., Nourrisson G., Renaud J.-P., Ndira V.
Humification processes in soil under different humidity conditions
            Alianiello F., Baroccio F.
Assessment of the representativity of forest soil monitoring – a regional case study with a special focus on soil carbon stocks
            Erlandsson M., Zirlewagen D., Baritz R., Van Ranst R.
Effect of phosphate and organic ligands on adsorption/desorption of arsenate on/from clay minerals and soils
            Violante A., Pigna M.
Beech dominated deciduous forests under the influence of climate and forest management: Randomized moving plots - a new approach of assessing matter budgets in heterogenous forest stands
            Wöhrle, N., Hildebrand, E., Schack-Kirchner, H.
The Mathematical Description of Chemical Differential of Vertical Profile as Identification Sign of Soil Type
            Romanova T.A., Romanov S.L
Base Cation Dynamics at Forested Watersheds
            Watmough, S.A., Alewell, C., Duchesne, L., Page, S., Mitchell, M.J., Fernandez, I., Houle, D., Bailey, S.W., Larrsen, T., 
            Foster, N., Arp, P., Miller, E.K., Aherne, J.
Priority Organic Pollutants in Aquatic Sediments of the Republic of Moldova
            Tarita A., Terytze K.
The influencing of long-term irrigation from salts accumulation in soils
            Suleimanov R. R.,  and Ilusya M. Gabbasova
Influence of land surface on spatial distribution of soil organic Carbon on different characteristic sizes
            Mitusov A. V., Mitusova Î. Å.
Fluorescence of a soil humic acid and its fractions obtained by size exclusion chromatography
            Halim M., Conte P., Piccolo A.
Monitoring the Fate of Deicing Chemicals in Airport Gravel Soils
            Jaesche Ph.
, Totsche K. U., Kögel-Knabner I.
Chemical Evolution in Porewater of Acid Sulphate Soil in a Nakhon-Nayok test field, Thailand
            Seeboonruang, U., Sirikaew U.
Trends of possible re-acidification in the Czech agricultural soils and the time development in the plant-available nutrient supply in conditions of sparing measures in liming and fertilizers application
            Voplakal K.
Aspects of ecosystem stability exemplified by soil buffering in a Cambic Arenosol of a beech stand
            Schimming C. G., Wetzel H.

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