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Poster Session 02 - Soil Physics

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 02a: "Soil Properties and Processes"  - Wednesday, 8th 

Soil Physics


Effects of Fire and Soil Heating on Water Repellency in Pine Forest Topsoils in NW Spain
           Varela M.E., de Blas E., Benito E.
Temporal and Spatial Variability of Soil Water Repellency in an Eucalyptus Forest in NW Spain
            Rodriguez Alleres M., Benito E., de Blas E.
Evaluation of Wet Aggregate Stability as affected by Soil Properties
            F. Tajik
The Influence of Soil Water Potential on Microdiffusion of Oxygen in the Alluvial and Muck Soil
            Stepniewska, Z., Wolinska, A.
Temperature effects on CO2 production and O2 consumption from soils and soil fractions under controlled conditions
            Leifeld, J., Fuhrer, J.
Changes of Wettability of Eutric Histosols Irrigated by Waste Water
            Stepniewska, Z., Kosiorowska, I., Nowak, D.
Pore size distribution in soil covered by primary forest and secondary regrowth at different ages in the Amazon
            Teixeira, W.G., Huwe, B., Martins G. C.
Modelling of bulk density as related to aggregate size distribution in clayey Ferralsols
            Volland-Tuduri N., Bruand A., Brossard M., Balbino L. C., Oliveira M. I. L., Martins E. S..
Stochastic inversion of the evaporation method to estimate soil hydraulic properties
            Minasny, B., Field, D.J.
Visualization of the Flow Pathways of Benazolin and Benzo[a]pyrene in Soil Monoliths
            Baßmann, F., R. Kasteel, J. Vanderborght
Phosphorus transfer from arable sites in northeast Germany
            Höhn, A., Koszinski, S.
Relationship between soil stability and matric potential as a function of the loading time during compaction test
            Fazekas O., Horn R., Becker S.
Nitrogen Removal as Nitrogenous Gases in the sediments of the Bothnian Bay (The Baltic Sea)
            Silvennoinen, H., Liikanen, A., Torssonen, J. Stange, F., Russow, R. and Martikainen P.J.
Significance of pesticides transport through macropores
            Koerdel, W., Egli H., Klein M.
Investigation of the relationship between soil enzyme activities and soil hydraulic properties in dependence of agricultural management
            Horn, A. L., Schwarz, H., Fohrer, N.
Quantification of soil structure by CT-data variance as a function of the spatial resolution
            Rogasik H., Onasch I., Gerke H.H.
Changes of pore functions by exceeding the mechanical strength of soils
            Gebhardt S., Fleige H., Horn R.
Heavy metlas (Pb, Cd, Zn) mobility in fluvio-glacial deposit columns as a consequence of their hydrodynamic properties
            Fevrier L., Delolme C., Lassabatere L., Winiarski T., Gaudet J.-P.
Cadmium transport in structured soil under conditions of climate change
            Lichner, L., Vogel, T., Cipakova, A., Dusek, J.
Effect of agricultural practices and biological activity on soil structure and near-saturated infiltration
            Hallaire, V., Lamandé, M., Pérès, G., Cluzeau, D., Heddadj, D.
Multi-tracing technique to evaluate the influence of preferential flow and root development on radionuclide transport
            Penfield, R., Centofanti, T., Kulli, B., Frossard, E., Flühler, H.
Fingered Flow Through Initially Dry Porous Media
            Rezanezhad, F., Vogel, H.-J., Roth, K.
Comparison of selected methods to determine volumetric moisture content
            Lammers, J. P., Anlauf, R., Schoen, H.-G.
Analysis of contaminant fluxes in a water repellent sandy soil
            Lipsius, K., Mooney, S.J., Durner, W.
Measurements of the spatial and temporal dynamics of water in porous media by X-ray absorption - implications for modeling
            Bayer, A., Vogel, H.-J., Roth, K.
The process of N2O release by thawing of frozen soil as a function of DOM
            Szele, Z., ZSolay, Á., Munch, J.C.
Fast Phreatic Level Rise During High Intensity Rainfall in Sandy Soils with High Groundwater Levels During the Summer of 2004
            Hogervorst, F.A.N., Rooij, G.H., Bierkens, M.F.P.
Observations of Preferential Flow in Loess Soil of the Negev Desert
            Yakirevich, A., Shein, E., Kuznetsov, M., Sorek, S.
Tension Disk Infiltrometry to Determine Hydraulic Properties of Coarse Textured Soils on Granites of the Sila Massif (Italy)
            Buttafuoco, G., Ricca, N.
Assessment of granular filter function in embankment dams
            Yasrebi, S.S., Azad, A.
Characteristics of Soil in the Floodplains River in Vojvodina
            Ivanisevic, P., Galic, Z., Orlovic, S.,
Preferential Particle Transport In An Unsaturated Soil: From Experiments In An Undisturbed Column To The Built Of A Physically-Based Model
            Rousseau, M., Angulo-Jaramillo, R., Di Pietro, L., Tessier, D.
Water repellent properties of soils in reclaimed coal mine areas
            Hieke, F., Schmidt, J.
Inverse dual-permeability simulation of a laboratory column experiment: comparison of MR and CT derived heterogeneity
            Dohnal, M., Snehota, M., Vogel, T.; Cislerova, M.
Modeling Pesticide Leaching in Hawaii Oxisol
            Dusek, J., Vogel, T., Alavi, G.
Water repellency in soils on volcanic ashes
            Ramirez-Vega, A., Sauer, D., Stahr, K., Zarei, M.

Tschernobyl Cs137/Cs134 in Bavaria, Southern Germany – A Comparison of Different Areas and a New Method of a 3-D Quantification Using Ground Penetrating Radar
            Leopold, M., Voelkel, J.,

Quantification Using Ground Penetrating Radar
            Vilhar U., Urbancic M., Starr M., Smolej I., Simoncic P.
Effects of Macroscopic Hysteresis on Preferential Flow and Transport in a Heterogeneous Sand Structure: Experiments and Numerical Simulations
            Rossi, M., Ursino N., Lehamnn P., Flühler H.
Adaptation of electrical resistivity measurement for 3D soil crack detection
            Samouëlian, A., Cousin, I., Richard, G., Bruand, A.
Development of preferential flow paths during carbonation of MSWI bottom ash bodies
            Weigand H., Müller S., Marb C.
The Soils and their physical properties and functions after land abandonment along a climatic gradient of NE-Spain
            Seeger M.
Modeling of Radionuclide Transfers in Agro-ecosystems Based on Soil Properties
            Putyatin Yu. V.
The Heavy Metals in Migration and Transformation from Industrial Wastes in Soils
            Selivanova N., Shirkin L., Trifonova T.
A new procedure for quantifying solute fluxes in soils –first results of urban forest soils in the Ruhr district–
            Dohlen, M., Wessel-Bothe S.
Modelling of water flow and solute transport in layered soil profile
            Rovdan E.N.
Assessment of annual CO2 fluxes from soils in forest zone of Russia: monitoring, modelling, methodology
            Kurganova, I.N., Lopes de Gerenyu V.O., Kudeyarov V.N.
Physical protection of soil organic matter by hydrophobic surfaces
            Goebel M. O., Bachmann J., Woche, S. K., Fischer W. R.
Surface applied soil conditioners and P transport
            Doherty C., Murphy P. and Stevens J.
Vertical transport of organic matter in mediterranean forest soils: the importance of surface stoniness, earthworms and mesofauna
            Rovira P., Toribio M., Coûteaux M.M., Vallejo V.R.
Dual-permeability modeling of preferential bromide leaching from tile drained structured soil
            Gerke H. H., Köhne J. M.
Organic matter interactions in organo-mineral soils from a forest ecosystem in the National Park of Garajonay (La Gomera Island, Spain)
            García-Santos G., Hernández J.M.
A laboratory column experiment: comparison of MR and CT derived heterogeneity and its impact on the flow
            Cislerova M., Snehota M., Amin M.H.G., Hall L.D., Hrncir M., Dostal M.
An influence of underground fire on a some soil physical characteristics in the northeast coal mining area in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cengic I., Cabaravdic A.
Effect of layered soil compaction on root and shoot growth and water uptake of wheat
Nosalewicz A., Lipiec J.
Thermal Conductivity of Soils – Comparison of Measured Results and Estimation Methods
Usowicz B., Usowicz L.B.
Changes in soil hydrological properties in the top soil surface caused by drought
Lemmnitz C.; Bens B.; Chabrillat S.; Huettl R.F.
Labile organic matter fractions and aggregate stability under different cropping systems in unstable silty soils
Chenu C., Cosentino D., Le Bissonnais Y., Houot S. and Balabane M.
The fate of recently deposited carbon within a field sensitive to erosion
Bossuyt, H., Degryze, S., Merckx, R.
Solute Transport in Soils – Extended Model Concepts
Klepsch S., Gerzabek, M.
Effects od Soil Erosion on Soil Water Availability for Herbaceaus Communities Developed in Reclaimed Slopes from Opencoast mining in Utrillas Coalfield, Spain
Moreno M., Nicolau J.
Pedotransfer functions for estimation soil water characteristics
Slawiñski C., Walczak R. T., Witkowska-Walczak B.
Water characteristics of mineral soils of Poland
Walczak R. T., Ostrowski J., Witkowska-Walczak B., Slawiñski C.
Differential porosity and water available for plants in arable soils of Poland
B.Witkowska-Walczak, R.Walczak, C. Slawiñski J.Ostrowski
Porosity and water useful for plants in Luvisols formed from sandy silt and silt
Turski M., Witkowska-Walczak B.
Simultaneous measurement of CO2, CH4, and N2O production and consumption by soil cores from different depths
Conen F.
Soil Physical Properties of Sandy Soils in South Brazil Affected by Use and Management
Bortoluzzi E., Tessier D.
In situ-methods for studying water uptake by roots
Lindenmair J., Kuhn A. J., Matzner E.
The Influence of Irrigation on the Properties of the South Ukrainian Chernozems
Poznyak S.
Extensive monitoring of nutrient flow in forest ecosystems
P. Trüby, A. Gassmann
Complex melioration of heavy clayey Solonchaks
Suleymanov N. R.
Wettability of soil and contact angle
Czachor H.
Imaging of plant root water uptake and root growth with non-invasive neutron radiography
Oswald, S. E., Menon, M., Lehmann, E., Hartmann, S.
Estimation of Salinity of Saturated Mineral Soils on the Basis of Current – Voltage Relationship
            Bieganowski A.
Studies of soil water availability for plants on the base of thermographic measurements
            Walczak R.T., Mazurek W., Baranowski P.
The Effect of Texture on Methane Oxidation Capacity in Sand Layer- a Model Laboratory Study
            Pawlowska M., Stêpniewski W.
New Models of Soil Erosion by Rain Fall and Snowmelt Runoff
            Kuznetsov M. S., Gendugov V. M., Demidov V. V.
Influence of Oxygen on nitrification, denitrification and trace gas fluxes  in  black earth soil
            Stange C.F., Apelt B.
Comparing conventional and inverse methods for determining soil hydraulic properties
            Farkas Cs., Fodor N., Toth E.
Pedotransfer Functions of some Calcareous Soils
            Khodaverdiloo H. , Homaee M.
Estimating the Hydraulic properties of some Gypsiferous Soils using readily available soil data
            Farrokhian A., Homaee M.
Using Geometric Mean Particle Diameter to Derive Point and Continuous Pedotransfer Functions
            Ghorbani Dashtaki S., Homaee M.
Derivation of Pedotransfer functions to estimate saturated hydraulic conductivity
            Navabian M., Liaghat A.M., Homaee M.
Cyclic Wetting-Drying Behavior of Superabsorbent for water holding in Soil
            Ebrahimi S., Homaee M.
Response of nitrate nitrogen isotope ratio to nitrate reduction in soil
            Pintar M., Lobnik F.
Energy and Mass Transfer of Different Structured Soils and Application of Their Results in Agriculture Problems
            Gerayzade A. P., Sariyev A. L., Yusufova M. A
Drought as a trigger for the formation of preferential flow paths
            Ritsema, C.J., Dekker, L.W., Dam, J. van, and Oostindie, K.
Rainsplash effects on overland flow roughness of an agricultural soil related to sediment concentration
            Mouzai L., Bouhadef M.
Infiltration and retention abilities of soils in the Czech part of the Elbe basin
            Vopravil J., Novák P.
Solute Leaching in Soils: Heat Flow Through a Strip as a Tool to Parameterize Leaching Surfaces
            Bloem E., de Rooij G. H., Stagnitti F.
Effect of ceramic cups ageing on the capacity to assess pesticide concentration
Domange, N., Gregoire C.
An Introduction to Rheology in Soil Mechanics – Structural Behaviour of Bentonite against Salt Concentration and Water Content
Markgraf, W. and Horn, R.

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