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Poster Session 01

Program for EUROSOIL 2004 

Poster Session 01: "Soils in Space and Time" - Wednesday, 8th 


Soil formation in marine sediments of S-Norway: Investigation of soil chronosequences in the Oslofjord region
            Schülli I., Sauer D., Stahr K., Wagner S., Sperstad R., Sorensen R.

Topographical controls of soil characteristics and biodiversity
Sörensen, R., Zinko, U., Johansson, O., Seibert, J.

Correlations of the Holocene Formations in Sibertia and Europe (on Base of Palaeosols)
Demidenko G. A., Anikienko N. N., Koteneva E. V.

Gleysols in the forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia
Smolentseva E.N.

Soil Evolution on Rising Coastlines: from Sea Sediment to Podzols (White Sea, Russia)
Kuznetsova A.

Carbon storage variability of a small catchment in the northern Sibirian taiga as related to the permafrost pattern
            Rodionov A.,Grabe M., Guggenberger G., Flessa H.

Biospherical  processes role in the mountain soil mantle formation
Trifonova T.

Andic properties resulting from aeolian sedimentation of non-volcanic material in Central Bhutan
Caspari, T., Bäumler, R.

Toposequence of Volcanic Soils in Tatung Mountain Area of Northern Taiwan
Tsai C.C., Chen Z.S.

Pedogenesis of Central European Chernozems - a review
            Eckmeier E., Gerlach R., Schmidt M.W.I.

Archival and Sedimentological Studies on the Anthropogenically forced Soil Geomorphology at the Vils River (East Bavaria, Germany)
Richard N., Raab T. Völkel J.

Prehistoric Landuse and Pedogenesis on eroded Landscapes in the Vicinity of the Celtic Square Enclosures of Sallach (Lower Bavaria, Germany)
Hoffmann A., Völkel J.

Humus forms on permafrost in a cold scree slope (Creux-du-Van, Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
            Rossel V., Weber G., Gobat J.-M.

Influence of land use and river activity on different alluvial soils of the Sarine River (Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland)
            Weber G., Gobat J.-M.

Environmental discriminating factors for alluvial humus according to two different spatial scales: Case of the Sarine River (Switzerland)
Augsburger M., Weber G., Gobat J.-M.

Fire-derived carbon in soils of Southern Switzerland
            Schlumpf N., Stahry N., Hagedorn F., Cherubini P., Eckmeier, E., Schmidt M.W.I.

Influence of laurophyllous species, chestnut and native vegetation on organic matter in soils in Southern Switzerland and Northern Italy
Egli M., Zanelli R., Giaccai D., Mirabella D.

Soil genesis with time on marine terraces in S-Sicily
Wagner S., Sauer D., Stahr K., Schülli I., Costantini E. A. C.

Relationships between soils, climate and vegetation in Ostrya carpinifolia scop. woods of Sardinia (Italy)
Bacchetta, G., Ilrit, G., Pontecorvo, C., Serra, G., Vacca, A.

Geomorphology and Soil Genesis in Central Greece
Sgouras I.

Behavior of free Fe and Mn in some textural differentiated soils from south Romania and North Bulgaria
Shishkov T., Jokovaokova M.

Landscape geochemical aspect of chemical elements migration in the soils
Èurlík, J.

Genesis and climatic interpretation of paleosols and calcretes in a plio-pleistocene delta fan from Campoamor/SE-Spain
            Skowronek A., Günster N., Kehl M.

Characteristics and genesis of basaltic-derived forest soils on old-landscapes from La Gomera Island (Canary Is., Spain)
Rodriguez Rodriguez A., Arbelo C.D., Notario J.S., Armas C.M., Guerra J.A., Mora J.L.

Iron reduction and oxi-hydroxide dissolution by autochtonous microflora in a hydromorphic Amazonian soil in non waterlogged conditions
Paskiewicz I., Stemmler S. & Berthelin J.

Soil Regions Map of Europe (Version 2.0)
Hartwich R., Thiele S., Krug D.

SOILSCAPES – Mapping Soils for a Wider Audience
Thompson D.

Pedogeochemical background levels of trace metals in Wallonia
Ducarme F., Sonnet Ph., Bogaert P., Delvaux B.

Soil quality monitoring in Latvia - past and present situation
Karklins A., Livmanis J.

Soils and the soil cover along the Russian-Finnish border
N. Fedorets, R. Morozova, O. Bakhmet

Spatial characteristics of soil redox conditions
Stêpniewski W., Gliñski J., Ostrowski J., Stêpniewska Z.

Monitoring of Agricultural Soils in the Czech Republic
Rigerova L., Florian M., Provaznik K.

Specifics of Man-made Soils Classification
Rohoskova M., Penizek V.

Refinement and Verification of a National 1:25,000 Scale Spatial Soil Information System with Field GIS
Pásztor L., Szabó J.

Properties of Solodi Soil and its Position in Soil Classification System
Nesic L. M., Hadzic V. B.

The First International Joint Soil Map of Germany, Czech Republic and Poland in a Scale of 1:50 000, Sheet Zittau
Joisten H., Jahn R., Sinapius R., Kabala c., Kowalkowski A., Tomasek M.

Soil mapping, sampling, documentation and soil geographical interpretation along the new motorway A 17 from Dresden (Germany) to Prague(capital of Czech Republic)
Kannegießer T., Grunewald K.

Soil Information in Germany: The 2004 Position
Eckelmann W., et al.

ERNTE – A novel approach to structured storage of data for soil and environmental studies
Weber G.E., Reinke M., Eisenträger A., Hüttner S.

Soils in urban areas – Some examples from Northern Germany
Siem H.-K., Schleuß U.

The Soil Guides of the Alsace: Concepts and Progress at the Scale of Small Natural Regions
Sauter J., Van Dijk P.M., Koller R., Party J.P., Lebreton-Thaler A., Gartner L.

Concept for a national soil information system in Switzerland with regard to soil pollutants
Rehbein K., Desaules A.

The georeferenced soil database of Lombardy (Northern Italy) at scale 1:250.000 and its application to support the regional policies
Brenna S., D'Alessio M., Fasolini D.

Merits and limits of geostatistic techniques in expectation from experimental data
Nisini L., Jona-Lasinio G., Dell’Abate M. T., Dazzi C., Benedetti A.

Evaluation of Greece Histosols using GIS:a case study from Tenagi-Philippon northern Greece
Vavoulidou E.,Charoulis Ath.,Karyotis Th.,Soulis K. and P.Papadopoulos

Factors affecting the sustainability of cereal yields
Poulton P., Powlson D.

The problems of effective soil conservation
Jambor P.

Modern transformation of relic matrix within surface paleosols of the Russian Plain
Makeev A.O.

Maintaining soil functions by water table management in lowland areas
L. Müller, U. Schindler, A. Behrendt, F. Eulenstein

Heterogeneity of soil properties and root distribution under spatially different stands of Maize
Kuchenbuch R. O., Gerke, H.

Dust production from arable land caused by wind erosion and tillage operations
Funk, R., Reuter, H.I.

Simulation of dust emissions of agricultural fields for middle Europe
Reuter H.I., Funk R.

Application of the Site comparison method (VERMOST) to assess the potential erosion risk
D. Deumlich, R. Funk, J. Kiesel, H.I. Reuter, J. Thiere & L. Völker

Modified valuation method of the erosion risk potential in vineyards using a GIS
Schwab A., Königer S.

The Impact of Clear-Cutting on Soil Organic Matter Content in a Boreal Forest, Järvselja, Estonia
Szava-Kovats, R. C., Kull, O.

The impact of global warming on microbial C- and N-transformations in forest soils
Raubuch M.

Soil Microbial Properties down the Profile of a Black Earth Buried by Colluvial Erosion Processes
Joergensen, R.G., Raubuch, M., Brandt, M.

Time series analysis and repeated-measures ANOVA for studying of dynamics of netto-N-mineralization in a soil catena
Kuzyakova, I., Stahr K.

Modelling Mineralisation Rates of Oat Straw and Dynamics of the Soil Microbial Population under Controlled Conditions
            Carranca, C., Oliveira, A.; Varennes, A. de; Torres, M. O.; Pampulha, E; Prazeres, A.; Neto, C. and Baeta, J.

Requalification of anthropic soils by the establishment of native wildflower meadows
Bretzel F., Pezzarossa B., Vigna Guidi G.

Soil quality of the Frattona forest (Imola Commune, Italy)
Buscaroli A., Gherardi M., Vianello G., Vittori A. L.

A Quali-Quantitative Evaluation of Soil Decrease as a Function to the Increase of Urbanisation in the Last Century: the Po River Plain Study
M.Gherardi, A.Buscaroli, S.Lorito, G.Vianello

Age of Abondonment as a Reference Soil Properties Recovery of the Agrosystems Undes Mediterranean Climate
Soriano Soto, M.D. , Olina, M. J., Lloret I., Pons V.

Changes of surface soil characteristics under grazing an maquis ecosystem in Northern Greece
Papaioannou A.

Accumulation and Distribution of Organic Matter and Nutrients in the Soil of Pinus nigra Arn. and Abies borisii regis Mattf. Ecosystems
Tantos V., Tsiontsis A., Gakis S., Papaioannou A.

Salinization Hazard Under the Conditions of Low Water Quality Irregated Land in Egypt
M.Abd El-Naim.& R.Abu Elenienenelenien

Soil Nutrient changes by Humic Acid and Fertilisers Application in an Alfisol and Inceptisol
Sathiya Bama.K and K.M.Sellamuthu

Cash and livestock corn production systems, Ontario, Canada: spatial relationships between soil physical/chemical variables and yield
Lapen, D.R., Wendroth, O., Gregorich, E.G., McLaughlin, N.B., Topp, G.C.

Use of Natural Adsorbents for Bioremediation of PCB Contaminated Soils
            Vasilyeva, G.K., Strizhakova E.R. Subocheva S.A

Influence of human impacts on natural trace elements speciation in soils
Montagne D., Cornu S., Cousin I., Chevallier P.

Urban Road Transport and Environment: Lead Levels in Roadside Soils and Grass
Luilo, G.B.

Dorronsoro B., Aguilar J., Dorronsoro C., G Stoops, Sierra M., Fernandez J.

Fernandez, E., Aguilar C., Dorronsor C., Dorronsor B., Stoops G.

Dorronsoro, C., Stoops G., Aguilar J., Fernandez J., Diez M., Dorronsor B.

Aguilar J., Dorronsoro C., Fernandez J., Martin F., Dorronsoro B.

Dorronsoro-Diaz C., Dorronsoro B., Dorronsoro-Fdez C., Garcia A.

Quantitative Reconstruction and Scientific Visualization of a Flatwood Soil-Landscape
V. Ramasundaram, S. Grunwald, N.B. Comerford, and C.M. Bliss

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